We are an innovation-driven company, skilled on space economy and deep tech

We support companies in their innovation journey to bridge the gap among the most advanced technologies, business needs and market opportunities.

(The) industry 4.0

We are experiencing the fourth industrial revolution.
Big data, cloud computing, automation and new business concepts are leading companies to face new challenges.

Digitalisation is the main tool to win technology challenges and to compete on the market.

The biggest challenge: Sustainability

Technological changes have a deep impact on people’s lives, companies and the planet.
Positive and negative.
Organisations have to orientate this change correctly, reconciling economic growth with a responsible use of resources.

The new space race

Space assets can amplify the possibilities of innovation on Earth.

Thanks to space technologies such as Earth Observation, Positioning and Navigation, Satellite Communication, Space technology transfer, organisations can drive economical and social growth.

Connect ideas, technology and people

We make what is distant close, leveraging on the most advanced technologies and the power of platform thinking to have a concrete impact on people’s lives.

integrated knowledge and service

We activate our multidisciplinary expertise and knowledge to create value and support customers in their business transformation.

exploration without borders
We always seek inspiration by looking beyond the boundaries of technology implementations, exploring the future.
sharing and open innovation

We approach innovation
with an open and collaborative mindset, raising the potential
of networking to create shared value.


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