g-nous support companies in the development and management of industrial policy models able to manage clients and suppliers relations effectively and provide business intelligence and interactive data visualisation tools. Assessment instruments used to size strategic development opportunities include identification and mapping of main technological competences and products within organisation’s portfolio, competitiveness and supply-chain SWOT analysis (both in current and new potential markets), identification of structural causes of strategy-fault at all organisational levels through data intelligence.

business models & opportunities development

industrial policy and processes implementation

Since 2014, we collaborate with ESA in the setting up and implementation of industrial policy processes. We contributed to the design and implementation of the ESA corporate information system for specific ROI management (geographical return), drafting rules and regulations, coordinating the geo-return related activities of about 150 project controllers at ESA, providing training and consultancy. Having developed a strong and probably unique expertise in the ESA geographical return, g-nous professionals support the ESA top management with business intelligence, simulations, trend analyses, executive summaries.

market & industry studies

asessment of industries capabilities and performances

Within the context of the “implementation plan of the pro-active industrial policy management”, ESA launched the Observatory of Critical Countries to consolidate knowledge of the space industry in countries for which geo-return coefficient are far from unity on a recurrent basis. the occ aims at gathering data on the available products, technologies, competences, at country and company level and assessment of strengths and weaknesses for contributing to the supply chain of ESA space programmes. g-nous provides support to the Industrial Policy division in the assessment of industry performances and capabilities, via swot approach, competence-technology mapping and trend analyses.


g-nous has a strong expertise in the development of tailored tools designed to increase business opportunities, explore potential synergies with compatible business sectors, create an ecosystem of entrepreneurs and start-ups with which to face common challenges through innovative and unconventional approaches.

business models & opportunities development
stakeholder engagement

global space economic workshop and forum

our team supported the conceptualisation, organisation and operational management of global space economic workshops across Europe. The workshop bring together leaders of major space and non-space european stakeholders from institutions and commercial sectors, to interactively discuss space-led innovation opportunities and challenges offered by the on-going transformations driven by the digital economy and the current and future trends in the global market. As part of the strategic process to engage the foremost leaders and executives of major space and non-space european stakeholders from diverse sectors, the global space economic workshop represent a melting pot of creativity, culture, economics, science and technology. g-nous is also supporting ESA in the conceptualisation and operational management of the global space economic forum, the executive event where stakeholders explore potential synergies and take joint actions to tackle shared challenges gathered from during the global space economic workshops held within the previous year.

After the first global space economic forum led by ESA in Paris, g-nous and ESA set-up a new framework to give interested stakeholders the possibility to organise autonomous global space economic workshop (gsew) events. in this context our team supported several events in europe:

  • • gsew@italy 2018– space cybersecurity for mobility
  • • gsew@france 2018– habitat in space
  • • gsew@uk 2018 – powering and building
  • • gsew@estonia 2018 – artificial intelligence
  • • gsew@italy 2019– space cybersecurity for smart cities
  • • gsew@france 2019 – future urban settlements on the moon and mars

business models & opportunities development
stakeholder engagement

esa grand challenge

g-nous supported ESA in the set-up and development of the ESA Grand Challenge Initiative. The Grand Challenge is a competition that proposes inspiring goals far from market reach, as a tool to create a new european ecosystem of entrepreneurs and start-up companies competing to develop solutions to the challenges proposed by industry – be they technical, scientific or societal. The grand challenge attracts wide communities of thinkers and problem solvers, catalysed by ESA and space, to address industry specific challenges with unconventional and disruptive approaches. This may also trigger development and exploitation of unforeseen spin-off businesses.


g-nous support organisations in the design and set-up of sharing platforms aimed at gather together different industrial cultures to increase knowledge and awareness on the potential for cross-fertilization and synergies building. Through a tailored approach, g-nous provide a consolidated expertise in the conceptualisation and development of interactive frameworks where stakeholder explore potential synergies, joint actions and partnerships to tackle shared challenges and reach common goals.

technology mapping & transfer
stakeholder engagement

innovation exchange

g-nous supported the organisation of innovation exchange, fuel the future, the ESA event held in the netherlands that gathered together more than 100 experts from energy, construction, mining, oil & gas industry and the space sector to engage private companies in conversations. The event aimed to increase knowledge on the potential for cross-fertilization in the domain of in situ resources utilization (the collection, processing, storing and use of materials encountered in the course of human or robotic space exploration that replace materials that would otherwise be brought from earth) including – but not limited to – habitat construction techniques using local materials.

stakeholder engagement


g-nous team supported the organisation of tedxbari, the independently organised tedx events. taking place in the fourth largest opera theatre in italy, Teatro Petruzzelli, tedxbari hosted over three years international speakers and performers, with +1000 tickets sold out and a media coverage of +100 articles per edition.
editions of tedxbari organised or under organisation:

  • • 2015 theme: resilience
  • • 2016 theme: desert
  • • 2017 theme: disorder
  • • 2018 theme: heterotopia

g-nous support the oganisation by covering the following activities:

  • • management of the project
  • • budget and resources management
  • • strategic partnerships