Virtual Prototyping and Commissioning of Cobotic applications

To develop collaborative cobotic applications integrated into production processes


G-nous Tech is specialized in Virtual Prototyping and Commissioning of Cobotic applications to
develop collaborative robotic (cobotic) solutions integrated into production processes.


The fourth industrial revolution is already happening and G-nous Tech contributes to support companies enabling new technologies. In the industrial context, automation and digitisation represent key points to increase performance and reduce costs.

In this framework, collaborative robots (cobots) has continuously grown up during the last decade, generating a new market and building a working environment where humans and robots can work alongside. Cobots can support humans in repetitive and heavy activities, limiting the risk of injuries.


Collaborative robots are required to be correctly set and designed to be compliant with production constraints (cobot design), with the goal to be integrated into already existing production lines and operations (cobot commissioning).

G-nous Tech, through Virtual Prototyping and Commissioning of Cobotic applications, provides suitable solutions, designing and developing collaborative robotic applications. Through technological partners, G-nous Tech provides all the required technologies, alongside the engineering support. Furthermore, economic assessments are performed together with the customers in order to estimate the cost saving enabled by the robotic integration and the ROI.


G-nous Tech provides integrated solutions built on the following process:

  • A feasibility study based on preliminary inspections at the customer site and manufacturing process requirements.
  • A virtual prototype is created by using specific simulation software and providing a visual mockup to the customer.
  • The collaborative application is integrated, tested and installed at the customer site, providing the required certificates, compliance documentations and training to the technicians/employees.


Manufacturing, logistic and distribution companies in the field of primary and secondary industrial sectors (e.g. healthcare, food, industrial, agriculture).


Universal Robots
Providers of hardware/software components


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