HIGHLIGHT Aether is a web-based vertical software solution for executive reporting that leverages on business intelligence, agile software development and creative data visualisation. SCENARIO G-nous got the need among some clients to improve the quality of the reporting for stakeholders. The expectation was to quickly grasp the meanings and implications of reports. So G-nous launched […]

ESA Grand Challenge

HIGHLIGHT ESA Grand Challenge is a competition that proposes inspiring goals far from market reach, to extend the limits of human ability. It awards a money prize for the accomplishment of a feat. The challenges may be technical, scientific or societal. Some of the most famous prizes include the Longitude prize (1714–1765), the Orteig Prize […]

Talent Garden Bari

Talent Garden Bari

HIGHLIGHT G-nous is Talent Garden official partner in Bari for open innovation initiatives and Talent Garden headquarters management. SCENARIO The Fourth Industrial Revolution is characterized by a range of new technologies and digitalisation processes, impacting all disciplines, economies and industries. The Fifth one focuses on humans, community and workplace.So how could technologies foster innovation if […]