Mathematical modelling of infectious disease dynamics

Iceberg G-nous

HIGHLIGHT G-nous Tech provides consultancy services to research institutions and pharmaceuticals industries for activities regarding mathematical modelling and numerical simulations of dynamics and containment of diseases. SCENARIO Global mitigation strategies to tackle the threat posed by SARS-CoV-2 have produced a significant decrease of the severity of 2020/21 seasonal influenza, which might result in a reduced […]

Process optimization through interoperational buffer

HIGHTLIGHT G-nous Tech supports a world-leading multinational tire manufacturer to perform industrial research and deliver process optimization solutions. SCENARIO In the context of industrial manufacturing, the inefficiencies related to the storage and transport of semi-finished products within production cycles is the main cause of cost increase and income reduction. A correct logistic programming enables cost […]

Virtual Prototyping and Commissioning of Cobotic applications

Virtual Prototyping and Cobotic Applications

HIGHLIGHT G-nous Tech is specialized in Virtual Prototyping and Commissioning of Cobotic applications todevelop collaborative robotic (cobotic) solutions integrated into production processes. SCENARIO The fourth industrial revolution is already happening and G-nous Tech contributes to support companies enabling new technologies. In the industrial context, automation and digitisation represent key points to increase performance and reduce […]

Intelligent Robotic Pick and Place

HIGHLIGHT G-nous Tech develops tailored Computer Vision and Machine Learning algorithms to enable robotic systems to perform non-repetitive and non-monotonous pick and place tasks. SCENARIO Intelligent pick and place robots have been becoming increasingly adopted in factories to improve efficiency, productivity and capability of industrial processes. By means of a wide variety of Computer Vision […]